Please consider that Roscoff is a touristic place and we recommend booking your hotel soon!

Conference Schedule

29 March

12h-18h: Registration Desk Opens
18h-20h: Welcome miwer

30 March

9h15-9h30h: Bus at the Roscoff center to the Saint Pol de Léon conference center (
9h30-10h: Poster installation
10h00-10h10: General informations
10h10-10h50: Keynote
10h50-11h20: Coffe break
11h20-12h30: Ecology/Evolution part I
12h30-13h30: Lunch
13h30-14h25: Ecology/Evolution part II
14h25-16h15: Epidemio session
16h15-18h15: Poster session I
18h15-18h30: Bus Saint Pol - Roscoff
20h: Conference Dinner at « the Gulf stream » restaurant, Roscoff


31 March

9h15-9h30: Bus Roscoff-Saint Pol
9h30-12h20: Pathogenesis and host interaction part I
12h20-13h30: Lunch
13h30-16h30: Pathogenesis and host interaction part II
16h30-18h15: Poster session II
18h15-18h30: Bus Saint Pol-Roscoff
18h45-20h15: ICSP meeting at the station biologique, Roscoff
20h30: Fest Noz at the salle Mathurin Meheut, Roscoff

1st April

9h15-9h30: Bus Roscoff-Saint Pol
9h30-10h40: Plasticity
11h10-12h30: Molecular mechanisms part I
12h30-13h30: Lunch
13h30-16h40: Molecular mechanisms part II
16h40-17h30: Conclusion and Keynote
18h15-18h30: Bus Saint Pol-Roscoff

2 April (optional)

10h-16h : Visit of the Batz island


Detailed schedule here!

Poster list here !