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Organizers and Topics

Conference Organizers

Frédérique Le Roux and Yannick Labreuche Ifremer, UMR8227 CNRS-UPMC  Station biologique de Roscoff, France
Annick Jacq CNRS-University of Paris XI, France
Didier Mazel Pasteur Institute, Paris, France
Delphine Destoumieux CNRS-University of Montpellier, France


Keynote Speakers

Dr Fitnat Yildiz

University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Mechanism of biofilm formation in Vibrio cholerae

Pr Ned Ruby

University of Hawaii,Manoa, USA

A comparative genomics and transcriptomics view of colonization in the squid-vibrio symbiosis


Invited speakers and session chairs

Dr Kathryn Kauffman

MIT, Cambridge, USA

Dominance of novel nontailed phages in a large scale viral infection network of marine Vibrio

Dr Yan Boucher

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Population structure of Vibrio cholerae on Local and Global Scales

Dr Stefan Pukatzki

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Mechanisms and consequences of bacterial competition strategies

Dr Melanie Blokesch

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Killing for DNA - the type VI secretion system of Vibrio cholerae fosters horizontal gene transfer

Dr Felipe Cava

Umea University, Sweeden

Uncovering the cell wall plasticity of vibrios

Dr Joachim Reidl

Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Graz, Austria

Regulated proteolysis of key regulators in Vibrio cholerae

Dr Shin-ichi Miyoshi

Okayama University, Japan

Modulation of the bacterial virulence by proteolytic enzymes

Dr Francois Xavier Barre

Centre de Génétique Moléculaire, Gif sur Yvette, France

Cell division licensing in the Vibrios

Dr Maurizio Labbate

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

A tale of two genomic islands in Vibrio cholerae from Australian isolates

Pr M. Stephen Trent

University of Texas, Austin, USA

Remodeling of Vibrio cholerae LPS:  Charging up the outer membrane

Pr Andrew Camilli

University of Tuft, Boston, USA

Impact of virulent phages on pathogenic V. cholerae

Dr Yannick Labreuche

Station biologique de Roscoff, France

Structure and function of a new toxin secreted by two shrimp pathogens

Dr Paula Watnick

Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

The use of an invertebrate host to dissect the metabolic interactions of Vibrio cholerae with the host intestine

Dr Daniela Ceccarelli

Central Veterinary Institute - Wageningen University, Netherland

Vibrio cholerae non-O1/non-O139: a reservoir of virulence, antibiotic resistance and fitness genes


Scientific Topics

Ecology and evolution
Microbial communication, predators, cooperation and cheating
Gene regulation
Genome plasticity and maintenance
Pathogenesis and host interaction


International Scientific Advisory Committee

Diane McDougald Associate Professor, University of Technology, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Karl E. Klose Professor, University of Texas San Antonio, USA
James D. Oliver Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Rita Colwell Professor, University of Maryland, USA
Brian Austin Professor, Happy pensioner
Fabiano Thompson Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ, Brazil
Didier Mazel Professor, Institut Pasteur, France